Oil Drop Club – 13 Lunar Oils

Annual Program led by Tatjana Obradovic


Experience the power of rare essential oils through an exclusive, 13-lunar month long journey.

How many times have you wished that after a hard day or stressful event you could quickly and easily regain your emotional balance and harmony? Do you sleep well and do you wake up ready and in the mood to take on the challenges of the new day ahead? Maybe you’re experiencing symptoms of perimenopause or menopause and are looking for ways to relieve them? Are you satisfied with the condition of your skin and overall physical health? Do you feel that you need support on your path to spiritual growth? The solution to all these discomforts can be offered by essential oils.

That’s why I’ve prepared a new, unique monthly program, “Oil Drop Club – 13 Lunar Oils.” This program will grant you access to a series of rare and opulent essential oils, which are otherwise unavailable to the general public. You’ll experience the power of clean, high-quality oils, which are extracted from organically grown flowers and herbs. Every month, I will host a lecture in our closed group where you will learn everything there is to know about these oils, and where we will exchange our experiences with them throughout the year.

Amber Oil

One of the oldest oils in the world, amber oil has been used in trade for over 8000 years B.C. With its dark and viscous color, and smoky, wooden aroma, it is bound to enchant you beyond its natural healing properties.

Oil of Mimosa

Absolute extracted from the fresh, flocculent flowers of Acacia Delabate, an evergreen shrub native to Australia. With its soft, powdery and floral scent, summer will always be beside you.

Oil of Violet

With its exquisite woodiness, green lushness, and slightly floral scent profile, this is one of the rarest and most expensive essential oils. In addition to its significance in the perfume industry, the violet flower has many other beneficial effects which you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy for yourself.

Lilac Oil

Spring-fresh lilac oil is one of the world’s most precious and valued essential oils. Elusive and shy, its intoxicating scent will awaken the sublime in you.

Oil of Lily of the Valley/Muguet

Extracted from its delicate, bell-shaped flower, this oil is undisputed for its healing properties. Through its sweet scent you’ll experience the dew of a new morning, empowering you to know no limits..

Linden Oil

From the mighty linden, one of the oldest trees in the world, an intoxicating floral oil is obtained resembling honey, hot tea, and pollen. With this oil, you’ll have a real healer in the house.

Cyclamen Oil

This beloved flower that you probably love to keep at home in the spring also has superior medicinal properties. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy its oil, which retains all of this beautiful flower’s secrets.

Hyacinth Oil

Hyacinthus Orientalis, more commonly referred to simply as Hyacinth, is a fragrant flower which is often used in aromatherapy. Its essential oils carries in itself that same intoxicating, sweet and floral scent, and contains a wide spectrum of therapeutic uses.

Oil of Carnation

This timeless flower, the dear carnation has been loved since ancient times for its mysterious, almost tangible fragrance. This flower is associated with pure love, marriage and fidelity. With its essential oil, you will always feel embraced and loved.

Oil of Honey

This powerful oil is derived from beeswax and has a rich, honey-floral aroma. You know the healing properties of honey well, only now you’ll have the opportunity to try them in the concentrated form of this phenomenal absolute.

Oil of Coffee

If you’re looking for an essential oil that will ease the effects of aging skin, you’ll find it here. Coffee oil is extracted by cold pressing the roasted beans of the Coffea Arabia plant, and has an irresistible aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Cacao Oil

The plant of the Gods, drink of choice of the ancient Incas, loved all over the world, Theobroma Cacao, from raw beans gives an absolute that will awaken all your senses. Not only will you be able to enjoy the deep aroma of dark chocolate, but you’ll also learn about all the therapeutic benefits this oil carries.

Elderberry Oil

This yellow-green oil, fresh and distinct in scent, contains all the potential of the powerful Elderberry, a well-known medicinal plant, which has been revered since ancient times.

12 Crystals to create synergy with the oils

Over the course of the last century, scientists have uncovered that crystals can be classified as anisotropic or isotropic, identified by cross-polarized light: a pure light which shows the very essence of matter. Anisotropic crystals under this light display a full spectrum of rainbow colors and patterns. Isotropic crystals such as diamonds, rubies and garnets lose their color and turn black.

Because of the following exceptional properties these stones carry, and because they multiply the potency of essential oils, all 13 Lunar oils come in special packaging with these rare gemstones.


A stone of physical strength, vitality and sexuality. Known as the top caregiver. Good for strengthening the immune system. Stimulates imagination and turns ideas into actions. Increases circulation in the brain.


A stone of wisdom that dismisses unwanted thoughts and mental tensity. Bringing progress and gifts of all kinds, sapphire soothes overly active systems in the body and regulates the work of the glands. It heals blood disease, strengthens veins, and reduces the likelihood of profuse bleeding.


Chalcedony absorbs, and then scatters negative energy so that it is not transmitted further. It helps keep the balance of soul and body and prevents stress from being psychosomatically spread throughout the body. It also inspires the mind and brings joy to life.


Emerald is a stone of inspiration, bringing blessing and devotion to the home. It encourages positive action, and gives strength to character. It is also traditionally said to protect from witchcraft. Emerald helps recovery post-infection, improves eyesight, and detoxifies the liver. Works on diabetes and rheumatism. Gives strength and wisdom.


Sardonyx is a stone that attracts happiness and love. It removes spells and negativity of any kind, and improves self-control and courage. Sardonyx supports the foundations for a well-balanced and harmonious marriage. It eliminates negative thinking, calms the heart, heals the lungs, protects the throat from infection and regulates the thyroid gland. Sharpens perception and reinvigorates the senses.


Carnelian amplifies energies and brings in psychic vitality and joy. It protects from harmful vibrations, increases self-respect, assist in career-orienteed endeavors and stimulates creativity. Helps overcome negative conditioning and harmful psychological self-defense mechanisms, and aids in persistence. Helps the absorbtion of vitamins and minerals in the body.


Relieves burdens, faults and obsessions. Peridot teaches introspection in problem resolution and helps the release of old, obsolete thoughts and patterns of behavior and helps establish new ones. Helps in accelerating the progress of any of your endeavors. Heals and regenerates tissue.


A stone of courage that calms and brings harmony to your environment. A very sensitive stone, it awakens tolerance in others and lends a helping had to those responsible. Filters information and clears up confusion.


Topaz is a gentle, compassionate stone, bringing joy, generosity, abundance and good health. Known as the stone of love and happiness, it contributes to the successful achievement of your goals. It encourages the expression of ideas and the transmission of wisdom offering extraordinary emotional support.


Chrysophrase eliminates obstacles, purifies the body, mitigates high blood pressure, and regulates blood flow. Chrysophase elixirs are very effective in the treatment of skin diseases, allergies, mold, and urinary tract infections.


Jacinth is a powerful stone that increases strength and enhances creativity. It helps with the recovery of trauma and is known to bring peace. In ancient Egypt, this stone was associated with motherhood and fertility.


One of the most spiritual stones, amethyst refers to the spheres of philosophy, faith, and intuition. It calms, brings love and light to your environment, and deters dark thoughts and fears. It improves the production of hormones, accelerates metabolisms, and aids in relieving headaches.

The thirteenth and last stone will be a surprise, which you will get as a gift along with the thirteenth oil. 

Along with these magical vials, you’ll get acces to a closed Facebook group where we meet once a month and learn about all these oils, exchange experiences, recipes and ideas for their use. 

With each oil you’ll also get written instruction of its origins, uses, and purposes. 

During our collaborative sessions, you’ll also be able to buy base oils, hydrolates, flower essences, and aura sprays, as we will be discussing them during our lectures.

Why membership in this club is right for you

Research shows that the scent of an essential oil only needs 250 milliseconds to reach your brain, and for your brain waves to activate accordingly. That said, it takes less than a second to recognize the aroma and for your mind, spirit, and body respond by harmonizing with your emotions. That’s only a small part of the magic essential oils bring to the table. If you love fragrances, have a desire to discover more about essential oils, their applications and purpose, if you feel that these rare oils are something you need on the way to your own path of physical, mental, spiritual healing, then this program is just for you.

If you want to:

  • Unwind and relax
  • Relieve yourself of stress
  • Fix your digestion
  • Fall asleep more easily and get better sleep
  • Maintain healthy circulation
  • Slow your aging process and to have glowy, tight skin
  • Alleviate menopause symptoms
  • Feel refreshed and revitalized
  • Clear up blemished skin
  • Stimulate the senses
  • Awaken your sensuality
  • Reduce cramps
  • Breathe with ease
  • Balance your mind
  • Experience spiritual blessings
  • And much more, the 13 Lunar Oil Club, is the right club for you

Reviews form some of my clients:

“I’ve been Tatjana’s client for almost a year. We work one-on-one, and I’m a student of her wonderful program on Mary Magdalene. Tatjana is a very gentle therapist, and her holistic approach is second to none. She completely individualized the oils and essences I needed, even for certain emotions I didn’t know I needed healing for. With each of our interactions I feel better, both mentally and spiritually.

I can’t wait for the 13 Lunar Oil program to start because I know her oils are of highest quality and purity.” – Irena; Interpreter/Translator

“I enjoy and look forward to your essences – thank you 🙌❤️” – Dušica

“Dear Tatjana, God how divine you are and how much purity flows from you ❤️♥️🌹. I’m extremely grateful that I chose to walk this path with your guidance and listened to the inner call to take that path.”

“Thank you, my dear, because you held my hand, gently, even when I was considering giving up. I sincerely LOVE you. 🙏🏻❤️”

“Thank you, dear Tatjana, for deciding to lead us on this wonderful path of healing❤️“

“Your shining energy, dearest Tanja, is timeless, healing, inspiring..❤️🌹🐞💫💫💫🙏’’

“I melt all over reading your words from a heart full of love in which a ROSE blooms 🌹.” 

“As a complete layman in the world of aromatherapy, Tatjana’s gentleness and relaxedness, but at the same time self-confidence, immediately led me on the right path. Her knowledge of oils and their applications is truly impressive, and since applying her advice and guidance I feel like a different, better person.”

Who will be guiding you through this aromatic path of healing:

I am Tatjana Obradovic, master in psychology, creator of The Key of Love.

Mother of two happy children, behavioral psychologist with over 15 years of experience in providing support to people with autism. 

In my own work I follow the steps of Carl Jung and expand my knowledge to holistic treatments, and using several modalities of integrative therapy I have created my own synergistic approach. 

Alongside cognitive behavioral therapy, I also deal with energy psychology and karmic astrology. In my own approach I apply astrohealing using vibrational, planetary, flower, and gemstone essences. 

My great passion and love are essential oils and medicinal herbs. I am a licensed aromatherapist and use pure, organic essential oils in my practice. 

I enjoy instilling unconditional love in my clients, and I firmly believe that LOVE is the most powerful force in the universe. I ignite the light and passion for life, love and healing in my clients by motivating them to see how beautiful, powerful, and skilled self-healers they are. 

Working with my clients I implement over 50 holistic and traditional modalities that I completely adapt and adjust to their personal needs. I am wholeheartedly committed to my clients and their emotional, spiritual, mental and physical progress. 

I am an avid world traveler, leader of Spiritual journeys to the magical world of Egypt where, Isis, goddess of love and magic, became my source of inspiration, devotion and motivation to persevere on this personal, transformational journey as a healer – and Mary Magdalene took over. I graduated in psychology at the University of belgrade and Marymount Manhattan College. I received my master’s degree from the University of Professional Studies in New York.

So, what will you get by becoming a member of the 13 Lunar Oils Club:

  • 13 rare, pure and organic essential oils (the 13th of which you will receive as a free gift)
  • 13 crystals all of which were written about in holy scriptures
  • Monthly lectures on each oil, its purpose and application
  • Additional materials
  • Guided meditations
  • 13 months of collaborative work and holistic support
  • Access to a closed group and community of women all going through the same journey to healing as you.

Surrender to the magic of essential oils, improve your physical, mental and spiritual health, as well as the health of your family. By working with these 13 exceptional oils you’ll be able to: 

  • Reduce the symptoms and consequences of stress
  • Relieve headaches and overall pain
  • Feel energized and ready for work
  • Relieve anxiety, depression and sadness
  • Slow down signs of aging and improve the health of your skin and hair
  • Complete your spiritual journey, meditative practice, or yoga
  • Reduce food cravings and balance your digestion
  • Awaken the sensuality and sexual energy within you
  • And of course, you’ll receive the right instructions, recipes and recommendations on how to safely use essential oils.
Embark on a transformative journey with our 13 Lunar Oils and Heavenly Crystals. Enrollment is on an ongoing basis.
For our valued European clients, this complete year-long experience is available for 396 euros, while our friends in the USA can join us for $396. 
This special offer includes not just the oils, but also an ongoing educational program and support, spanning 13 lunar months. Each month, we delve into a captivating trio: an absolute oil, a heavenly crystal, and an angel, guiding you towards empowerment and healing.
Are you ready to embrace a path of self-discovery and transformation? 
Apply now by emailing us at wemoonlove@gmail.com
and we’ll send you all the details to begin this magical journey.
We are thrilled to support and witness your journey of growth and empowerment over next 13 lunar months, while ensuring you smell and feel like a queen! 
With open arms and heart full of anticipation,