New Moon Sisterhood

First gathering September 7, 2021

Stay tuned!


I call you, sister of my heart, 

I call you lovingly, 


I call you from the depth of my light. 

I call you from the deepest places being awakened within you. 

I call you to join us here now:

To bring the full passion of your Anthropos nature. 

You, my sister, are the vessel of power. 

You are the vessel of beauty and wisdom. 

You, my sister, are an Alchemist of Love. 


We are going to practice the Art of Alchemy, Alchemy of Love,

for there is no greater source of power than Love. 

We are here to be a force of Love:

Embodied, present, unwavering Love.

Will you join our Sisterhood to be an Alchemist of Love?