Tatjana Obradović


Tatjana Obradovic is the founder of The Key of Love, LLC. Tatjana is a mom of two happy teenagers and she has over 15 years of experience supporting people with autism working as a Behavioral Psychologist.

Besides Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Tatjana is versed in and has a passion for Energy Psychology, Karmic astrology and integration through shadow/ancestors/anima/Id approach, healing with DoTerra Essential Oils, Astro-healing with planetary, gem and flower vibrational essences which she absolutely loves to create and personalize for her clients, Astro-meridians therapy, Twin Flames journey, TM, Moon dance, Awakening and Healing Divine Feminine with a special program for Sacral chakra healing, Timeline Healing, Deep PEAT and Usui Reiki.

Tatjana is a certified Intuitive and Success Coach who trained Dr. Lea Imsiragic, Jack Canfield, and Kate Butler.  She believes that healing is a natural gift of all people. Tatjana is a therapist, healer and a coach who lovingly guides her clients in spirit to remember that gift. Tatjana enjoys to awaken unconditional love in her clients, she strongly believes that LOVE is the most powerful force in the Universe. She absolutely loves to ignite a light and passion for life, for love and healing in her clients, not by making them realize that she is an excellent therapist, but rather, making her clients see how beautiful, powerful and already skilled self-healers. She does this through one-on-one counseling, group workshops, live events, luxury retreats on main energy centers of the world, especially Egypt, and online programs.

Tatjana is able to integrate multiple facets of healing work in a very personalized manner. She is highly knowledgeable in psychology, astrology, vibrational and herbal medicine, and doTerra essential oils, therefore sessions are informative and provide clients with a plethora of useful and applicable knowledge.  Aside from creating Personalized Flower and Vibrational Essences, she sends clients home with helpful tips and practical plans which should be utilized until the next session. Tatjana is fully dedicated to her clients and their emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical advancement.

Tatjana is an avid world-traveler, leader of Spiritual Journeys to Magical and Sacred Egypt where Isis, Goddess of Love and Magic became her source of inspiration, devotion and motivation to persist on this transformational path of a healer. Tatjana is a graduate of the University of Belgrade and Marymount Manhattan College, where she majored in psychology. She received her master’s in disability studies from School of Professional Studies in New York City.