Signature Program: VIA COMBUSTA

Journeying with Isis to Awaken and Re-member the Divine Feminine Within

Nine sessions virtual journeys in a closed Facebook group. Coming up again in fall 2021.

Each session includes an inspirational lecture on the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt and their importance and application to the Journey and awakening of Divine Feminine Within

1. Opening the Magical Heart with the Heart Breath, the Great Sphinx at Giza and Hathor

Including Opening ceremony, Calling in Directions, Meditation. Activating and enhancing the function of our Sacral chakra and Solar plexus, as they are governed by Isis

2. Awakening the Compassion, Hope, and Optimism of Isis.

Including setting an altar, three skills every Isis needs for her personal spiritual development

3. Coming face to face with Sekhmet, Flying with Goddess Nekhbet, and Receiving Magical Seeds From the Cobra Goddess Wadjet

Essential oils and vibrational frequencies, divination methods

4. Entering the Shamanic Void With Anubis and Osiris

Preparing yourself and your house for the Ceremony, smudging, cleaning from the furthest corner to the front door, removing challenging energy from the house and floor with salt, and with our bodies with Epsom Salt baths

5. Creating Your Alchemical Blueprint From Thoth’s Magical Cauldron

Preparing candles and enchanting them with our symbols and wishes

6. Building the Magical Vessel and Birthing Your New Life With Isis and Khnum

Glass bowl with water, marjoram, basil and geranium

7. Embodying Magical Love With Hathor

Symphony of cells, Essential Oils of Papyrus, Lotus. Blue Lotus and Lettuce

8. Renewal Journey with Isis

Introduction to Twin Flame Meditation; Journal about what this Journey meant for you, how becoming a Priestess of Isis is enhancing your life and life path

9. Celebration Closing Circle and Initiation with Mother Earth Offerings

Sacred Energy Exchange $333.00

INDIVIDUAL 1:1 CONSULTATIONS with Tatjana Obradović

Hello Dearest, I am trilled you are inspired to embark on an Individual Journey through your Energy centers (Chakras)  utilizing an Integrative, Holistic Approach of Psychology, Energy Astrology and Healing

After over 15 years of experience working as a Behavioral Psychologist with people diagnosed with Autism and utilizing in my practice many different modalities such as CPTG doTerra Essential Oils, Usui Reiki, Vibrational Flower Essences, Deep Peat, Tapping, Energy psychology, Astrology, Ancient Egyptian Shamanic Journeys, etc… I have selected a synergy of techniques that gives fastest, most efficient and most profound, long lasting changes. You are just about to experience this illuminating process. 

Just as releasing emotions liberates the body – energy exercises help release emotions and awaken the energy in certain energetic centers

The chakras are fields of subtle energy in which thoughts, emotions, and energy turn into matter. Everything that happens is already contained within us, through the subtle magnetic coding in our energy centers. The direct link between chakras and the state of mind, emotions, body and soul and events allows us to identify where the problematic energy is locked. If this energetic imbalance is healed, events will change at the same time as the psychological and physiological problems from which they arise. 

A chakra, an energy center which aligns with an endocrine gland in our body, is a physiological gate through which mental, spiritual, emotional and energetic realities are turned into physical reality. 

Individual Journey through Chakras consultation has two options:



BASIC OPTION: Balance your planets and chakras session

This session enables you to balance one of your chakras which currently does not function at its fullest. Planetary chakra test will be completed before a one-hour Skype consultation.

This individual session is one-hour consultation with Tatjana which enables you to define your planetary energy balance (the inherited state and present state of energy flow in your chakras). By balancing a particular planetary center with Energy Astrology practices and Flower Essence Formulas, you can balance different areas of your life. You will also get insight into the present dynamic which will give you amazing tools to constructively work with the challenges and opportunities presented to you.

Sacred Energy Exchange $155.00

After the session you will also receive:

1. A downloadable audio file of our consultation via Skype.
2. A description of one energy center recommended for you to work on.
3. A list of affirmations for that particular chakra.
4. A recommendation of flower essences to support your balance.

HEALING OPTION: Energy Astrology and Energy Healing session. This session enables you to balance your chakras, and we go deeper into the healing and balancing part of it.

It consists of a planetary chakra test before a 90-minute Skype consultation.
In this session, the dynamics of your natal chart are discussed, from the perspective of energy and the Soul’s journey to provide you with a deeper understanding of your life purpose and lessons, or any other questions my might have. It also includes a look at the coming cycles for the year to guide you best through your development and progress.

Sacred Energy Exchange: $199.00

After the consultation, you will receive everything included in the Energy Astrology session, PLUS additional items to support deep healing and balancing of your chakras:

1. A special frequency recording for clearing and balancing a particular chakra for a 28-day balance.
2. A recommendation of Essential Oils suitable for your chosen chakra.
3. A SPECIAL GIFT – a computer-generated report about your natal chart. (Value $70)

Very dedicated souls who truly intend to embark on a Full Journey through Chakras and decide to invest in their emotional, mental, spiritual and physical equilibrium, once they purchase Entire Journey through all TEN major chakras, they receive a special 15% discount, making the final value of the Journey $1,850.00 and Twin Flames Journey program as a gift ($222.00 value).


Are you ready for new insights and a powerful experience?

Application form for Astro-Energy-Psychology Consultation

This is the standard form for Energy Astrology session. Your data is private and protected and it will be used only for the purpose of exploring your natal chart by Tatjana Obradovic for your Energy Astrology session. Please, complete the following fields.

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Twin Flames Journey Program

Eleven weeks virtual journey in a closed Facebook group. Coming up again in winter 2021.

The simple definition of a Twin Flames is having two bodies who share one soul. 

When such people come together this phenomenon is known as a Twin Flames Connection. It is the deepest connection with another soul that anyone can experience during their time on Earth.  It is the ultimate meeting of the spirits-an event that helps us embark on a Journey to access our own soul and exist as one with another person. Such a union is not a matter of chance or coincidence but is orchestrated by the divine forces. 

The real purpose of Twin-Flame soul connection isn’t just basking in the bliss of love. The goal is to help two people recognize and reach a higher purpose though their togetherness. Achieving Twin Flames Unity is similar to Enlightenment and therefore, has a higher purpose of bringing light, rising consciousness and impacting their community simply by being in such blissful state. 

Your twin soul will unearth all the baggage that you have been carrying around for years, consciously or subconsciously, which is keeping you from becoming the best version of yourself. When a twin flame connection develops, it washes in its spate all the facades, lies, secrets, fears and inhibitions that you and your twin soul may have developed over the years as a defense mechanism against the ruthless ways of the world. The real purpose of the twin flame soul connection isn’t experiencing emotional highs, great intimacy or living an epic love story.
It’s a road to enlightenment. A wake-up call that will shake you up and lead you to a higher calling in life. It’s a gift from the universe, asking you to let go of the small desires and ambitions to achieve greater heights.

With your twin soul by your side, you can embark on this life-altering journey. 

The real purpose of the Twin Flame Ascension process is to clear out blocks to love, and get Twin souls together so that we can do what we came here for:
To live in Unconditional Love and be sources of light on the planet. We are here to help our planet ascend into 5D reality. 
If you feel deep longing in your heart to start the most transformative Journey in your life.
Here is what to expect on our 11 weeks Twin Flames Journey:

1. During first Journey we shall practice how to achieve Vibrational alignment that will open the path to our Twin Flame and learn Techniques for Togetherness

    2. The Second Journey will deal with communication with our Twin Flame, we will practice how to develop intuition, telepathy, emotional
    intelligence and how to communicate with our Twin Flame wherever we are.

    3. During the Third Journey, we will practice how to achieve harmony and how to get rid of the burden
    that complicates our relationship with our Twin Flame

    4. Then we talk about Love and discover that we really are never separated

    5. The phenomenon of Mirrors and facing our brightest and darkest parts

    6. Twin flames and intimacy

    7. The paradox of Running and Chaing and whether that is exactly the case

    8. During our Eight Journey we shall take a closer look at Obstacles from past lives, access to Akashic records and work on
    removal of obstacles to achieve long-lasting love and joy

    9. What if our Twin Flame does not want to be with us, solutions and explanations?

    10. Tenth Journey will shed light on a Flame Mission

    In Our final, 11th Journey, we will share Our personal Twin Flames story, how we met.

    Are you packed and ready to start this magnificent Journey?

    Sacred Energy Exchange $222.00