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It’s time we shine.

It’s time our gifts shine, our voice shines and our impact shines out into the world.

Those things are not meant to be kept within, they are meant to shine to help, heal and positively impact others.

Simply, it’s why we are here.

I am elated to be one of the 30 women about to become #1 International Best-selling authors in this truly illuminating book.

I’m bursting with joy imagining all the lives that will be inspired and changed because we were brave enough to share our message.

Women Who Shine. So so excited. Stay tuned and get ready to be inspired!

Tatjana Obradović, Master of Psychology, or Energy-Astro-Shrink for short, is the creator of The Key of Love. 
After over 15 years of working in the field as a behavioral psychologist, Tatjana felt that the cognitive-behavioral approach, both when working with people diagnosed with Autism and other developmental disabilities, and neuro-typical people, does not offer tools and techniques that would assist in making profound and long-term results in thought process, habits, belief systems, feelings, behaviors and overall wellbeing of a person. Tatjana felt that there was an important piece missing from traditional counseling and therapy. 
She decided to follow the steps of her favorite psychologist, Carl Jung, and expand her knowledge to include more holistic treatments, and with the help of several modalities of integrative therapy she created her synergetic approach which she writes about in her book “Women Who Rise”.

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Women Who Rise

Women Who Shine

Women Who Rise

Women Who Rise

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